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Professional Radio Control Systems, suppliers of recievers, digital servos and a wide range of additional accessories for model airoplanes.

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In April 2018, RC Depot successfully purchased the JR PROPO trademarks and intellectual properties along with complete engineering drawings. RC Depot now refers to the DFA brand as "JR/DFA." The product line consists of, amongst others, receivers, servos, transmitters and accessories.

The future is bright, and the legacy of JR PROPO endures thru DFA.

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3W Modellmotoren

For more than 35 years, 3W have been supplying high-quality model engines "Made in Germany". Their employees develop, construct and manufacture a wide range of engines from 1-cylinder to 6-cylinder engines for ambitious competition and hobby pilots.

Standard, Competition Series and Twin Spark models

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Military grade propellers. Since 1974 they have been developing and manufacturing the highest quality propellers. They're not just another propeller manufacturer. Meijzlik are your partners, working in close contact to achieve your goals, and will ensure your valuable platform will be safe during operation.

Prop Design. Mejzlik way.

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Digital Servos

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DS118_8mm Wing

Designed for DLG/F5B AILERON....etc

Dimension: 0.31 x 0.93 x 0.87 in / 8 x 23.5 x 22mm

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Weight: 79 g

Recommended for giant scale ailerons

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S8955SH heli swash

Weight: 79 g

Recommend for Helicopters (without Rud)

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S8912 SHV 12V Brushless

Weight: 79 g

Using low amperage and less stress, extends servo life and the gives the ability to keep steady torque while flying


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Kill switch

Input: 6.6V - 12.6V Output: 6V/7V 5A max.

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E-Switch Adapter Set

SKU: T0076824